10 essential tools for salespeople that make Gmail an ultimate sales machine

Eleven years ago, when Gmail made its debut, no one knew that it would prove to be a tough contender to email service providers like AOL, Yahoo, and Hotmail! Google’s email product has since surpassed many and has made its name as the standard-bearer for consumer mail services.

Gmail has 1.4 billion users as of April 2018 – Wikipedia

Gmail tools

The above statistics provided by Statista show the dominance Gmail has demonstrated since its inception. In the US, most young entrepreneurs and SMB owners rely on Gmail for communicating professionally with their business contacts.

We all understand how important it is to communicate your product’s advantages to your prospects and emails are the best way to begin a dialogue. In this article today, we will be talking about ten essential tools for salespeople that make Gmail an ultimate sales machine.

1. Salesmate – Sales CRM

salesmate chrome extension for gmail

Sales is a field where the team members must put in similar efforts to get the maximum response from their leads and convert them into returning customers. If you provide your sales team with a CRM that can maximize their sales efforts without much manual labor and more of automation, then you can get better ROI in lesser time.

Salesmate CRM for Gmail helps your sales team to work in a synchronized manner yet maintaining privacy while sharing contacts and tracking deals right from their inbox. Your sales team can manage their work processes efficiently and always stay updated with their most valuable deals.

With Salesmate CRM for Gmail users can:

  • Create a new deal and contacts in real time
  • View the crucial details about a deal
  • Have access to sales history
  • Add notes and assign activities
  • Create deals and notes
  • Get customized notification email opened, clicks on link or content downloaded

Coming at a budget-friendly plan of $15 per user per month, Salesmate is indeed Gmail compatible.

Not just that, Salesmate CRM offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

2. Hiver

Hiver Gmail Tool

Hiver is a popular app that is used by major companies in their customer support department. Surprisingly, this tool also is a great tool to be used inside Gmail for managing all your inbound sales leads.

Hiver enables its users to assign emails as a task, making it easier to hand off prospects to any of your sales team member. With Hiver, users can automate specific aspects of their inbound email sales process, for instance, sending all their emails from a particular domain to specific staff members.

3. Boomerang

Gmail tool - boomerang

Living a life of an entrepreneur, you often lose track of the emails getting sent out and received in your Gmail inbox while trying to maximize your sales communication. Such lapse often leads to chaos inside your inbox.

Boomerang for Gmail helps business owners get rid of this issue. Using this sales tool, business owners can schedule email responses and take their messages out of the inbox until they need these messages for any future references.

This Gmail sales tool goes one step ahead; it reminds them to respond to any pending conversation. Such a tool comes in handy when as an entrepreneur you are following up with some of the essential prospects or customers.

Boomerang for Gmail also has an assistant that helps users manage their inbox activities in a much smarter and efficient manner. By using Boomerang for Gmail user can –

  • Follow up with their important sales lead
  • Communicate with anyone, irrespective of their time zones
  • Make your emails accessible to your team members

4. Sales Navigator

Sales navigator - linkedin for gmail

Using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator is in trend these days. However, not every new business is going to part their valuable budget money on this tool. What LinkedIn Sales Navigator does is help business owners view amusing LinkedIn profile data of their contacts, right from inside their Gmail inbox.

  • Clear and precise contact information of the recipient allows the users to understand that particular individual before they hit “send.”
  • Quick and easy access to each prospect’s social media accounts enables businesses to send out highly personalized emails.

5. Templates for Gmail

Templates for gmail

Templates for Gmail is a template management tool for your Gmail inbox. This sales tool helps business individuals save precious sales activity time. Users can create and store cold email templates inside their inbox for quick access.Accessing your cold email templates is easy with a single click via the “Templates” button appearing below each new email that users start to write. This sales tool is convenient for organizations that exchange hundreds or thousands of emails every month.

Being a free email template storage tool, it is a worthy investment for your sales and your Gmail account.

6. PieSync

PieSync - tool for gmail

Using PieSync, sales managers and business owners can easily synchronize and share their customer data between various cloud apps. With the current trend of using multiple tools such as marketing automation tools, CRM software, invoicing and more, PieSync allows users to synchronize their Gmail history too.Doing so saves the time that usually gets spent on entering data manually. PieSync enables users to synchronize their apps in such a way that new contacts are automatically added to their marketing automation list, starting off an automated follow-up email sequence.

With two-way synchronization, PieSync makes sure that it also sends back data to the system lessening your manual labor to the minimal.

7. Hello Sign

HelloSign - Tool for Gmail

With the rapid technological development, businesses have been using email services for managing contracts. Be it an offer letter or a letter of termination or a sales deed; Hello Sign acts as the perfect contract signing tool. Hello Sign enables businesses to take a paperless approach to document signing, tracking, and management.It keeps the users updated on the signer’s activity and with an embedded audit feature keeps a log of everything. For every business that requires the signing of legal documents before starting services, this tool is the best.

With Hello Sign business owners can:

  • Be more secure about their electronic signatures
  • Move their legal contracts and other such documents with ease
  • Sign documents directly from Gmail
  • Save and reuse frequently used documents
  • Use it for an unlimited time without any cost

8. Mailshake

Mailshake - the gmail tool

Mailshake is a cold email tool that comes with a variety of email templates, automated follow-ups, personalization, team collaboration and a range of features that help business owners send out effective cold emails.With varied analytics including click, reply and sent email statistics salespeople can efficiently manage and stay on top of their sales outreach campaign. Mailshake integrates CRM tools, Google Sheets and the other sales productivity tools and helps salespeople & marketers send personalized cold emails in bulk

With Mailshake users can also automate their sales follow-ups, reply swiftly to their prospects and customers and track email performance with utmost ease.

9. GMass for Gmail

Gmass for Gmail

By using GMass business owners can add mail-merge functionality to their Gmail account.  With this functionality, sales team members can send out send personalized emails to prospects and customers without any special software that too in bulk!By using the Google Sheet’s data, it automatically personalizes your emails, with the data available in the columns like “First Name” and “Company.” With this data, GMass customizes the individual email messages.

With automated sequential follow-up emails, click and open rate tracking, campaign-level reporting and email scheduling GMass is one sales tool for Gmail that you must not miss out on.

10. Grammarly

Grammarly - the ultimate gmail tool

Your businesses’ image gets decided with the way you communicate with your customers and prospects. Being politically correct may not be their requirement, however, being a business, your prospects will expect you to be grammatically correct.By using the Grammarly extension you can quickly correct spelling errors in your email text body and get notified of any grammar error.

Grammarly allows you to make the basic adjustment spelling and grammar adjustment in its free user account. If you want to experience the in-depth grammar corrections or your business is more into managing massive legal files etc., you should go for their premium package.

As they say, your first impression is crucial, so make it count with an introductory email that has zero grammatical or spelling errors.

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