10 Sales automation tools you shouldn’t miss in 2019

10 Sales automation tools you shouldn’t miss in 2019

Did you know that most of the task that consumes your precious hours can be automated? Yes, instead of spending time entering data, you can focus on nurturing customer relationships and generating more revenue. Automation can release you from the monotonous activities and make your processes smoother and error-free. 30% of companies believe that automation saves time, helps generate leads (22%) and increase revenue (17%). Fortunately, sales automation tools can come to your aid and facilitate seamless automation.

Top 10 sales automation tools of 2019

Sales automation tools can help in eliminating behind the scenes tasks and add more time to your day for concentrating on high-level activities. Here is a consolidated list of the best sales automation tools of 2019.

1. HubSpot

Hubspot CRM

Free up more time to close maximum deals with HubSpot CRM. It is an advanced tool that can turbocharge your efficiency and accelerate your sales process. HubSpot sales automation tool allows you to automate your sales outreach without being impersonal. You can set a series of personalized timed-email and each follow-up will hit your customer’s inbox automatically. Besides emails, it even allows you to automatically create new deals, assign tasks and rotate leads from one stage to another.

2. Salesmate

Salesmate CRM

Salesmate CRM is one of the best options for taking the automation route. This smartly designed tool allows you to set predefined rules for automating day-to-day business activities. It offers infinite automation possibilities for saving time to capitalize on lucrative opportunities. You can automatically assign deals to your team. Salesmate CRM allows you to automate your texts and emails as well. You can even set automatic activity reminders for completing your tasks in real-time.

3. Autopilot


Automate your sales cycle and give high-value deals attention at the right time with Autopilot sales automation tool. Ensure your new leads are followed-up immediately by scheduling follow-ups in Autopilot tool. Move your deals quickly through different stages by automating your sales pipeline. Improve your relationship with your clients by connecting with them in real-time that too without any manual work. Autopilot automates engagement throughout the customer journey and speeds up your sales cycle.

4. SALESmanago


Quit executing an email campaign manually. Seamlessly automate it in SALESmanago and increase your productive hours. Easily create automation rules in this cutting-edge tool and define how to react to the actions taken by your customers.

With automated notifications and alerts, your sales team can stay conversant with prospects activities. By setting intelligent workflows, you can automate a series of activities like generating discount coupons, sending personalized emails, updating the customer database and many more. Moreover, you can offer timely assistance to your esteemed customers and make a good impression on them with Automatic Sales Chat, a smart bot of SALESmanago.

5. Bpm’online

Bpm'online CRM

Convert workload into an advantage with Bpm’online CRM that allows you to leverage the power of automation for being more efficient. Get your work done in real-time that too automatically. From sending a follow-up email to a prospect, to notify a sales rep for the upcoming meeting. Almost everything can be automated within this high-end sales automation software. It helps in maximizing agility and accelerating productivity for quickly increasing the sales of your business.

6. Groove


Groove is one of the best sales automation tools that allows you to automate as well as personalize your outreach. Say goodbye to manual data-entry as Groove syncs data between systems automatically. You can keep your records updated without putting in much efforts. With sales campaign automation in Groove, you can create multi-level campaigns and automate it to drive better results.

7. Toolyt


Boost productivity of your field sales reps by automating workflows within Toolyt. It is a top-notch sales automation software that simplifies and improves the way sales tasks are performed. It automates all the critical yet time-intensive tasks, giving field sales representatives more time to focus on sales. They don’t need to reach office and update their records, Toolyt does it for them. It is easy to use artificial intelligence (AI) enabled tool that offers personal assistant for your field officers.

8. Zapier


Without automation, you risk losing a lot of valuable time. Zapier gives you the power to automate almost everything in your sales process. It is a connector that allows you to automate actions between various apps you use every day. Zapier gives you the flexibility to connect 1000+ apps for embracing automation and reduce your workload.  Easily set up workflows called zaps that will complete actions on your behalf, while you focus on more important matters of your business.

9. LeadFuze


Finding new customers isn’t any hassle anymore. Put your lead generation on autopilot with LeadFuze that acquaints you to new opportunities with its excellent features. Using sales prospecting automation in LeadFuze you can easily find potential prospects within your target market and engage them successfully. Quickly find information like email id, phone number, social media profiles and company information of each prospect with the help of this cutting-edge sales automation tool.

You can create an automated sequence of emails in LeadFuze and schedule follow-ups based on various combinations of time and lead actions. LeadFuze isn’t confined to only prospect search. With its wide integration potential, you can expand your horizon and get a wide number of tasks done at one go.

10. Reply.io


Why send emails manually when you can automate and eliminate errors. Automate your email outreach with Reply.io and connect with your prospects faster without sacrificing on personalization. Send tailored emails to your prospects and boost your customer relationships. Reply.io is an ai—backed sales acceleration machine that allows you to automate your communication while keeping it personal. Keep your email communication streamlined in this intuitive tool. All the responses are sorted automatically to the relevant folders with its intelligent reply detection feature.

Wrapping up

Automation empowers revenue growth. It reduces your workload and gives you the power to do more in less time. You don’t need to worry about errors or miss out on opportunities. With the right sales automation tools, you can collate information and get it delivered to your prospects whenever you need it. With just some simple predefined rules you can automate most of the things that are hampering your productivity.

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