Best virtual phone system for small business in 2019

Ultimate list of the best virtual phone system for small businesses in 2019

Are you still struggling to find the best virtual phone system for your small business? If yes, then this is the right place and right article for you. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of best cloud-based business phone systems available in the market today.

As a small business owner, you must be looking for a virtual phone system that suits your budget, offers vigorous features, best call quality, and outstanding customer support. We are positive that you will find a virtual business phone system on this list that meets all your needs.

1. Grasshopper

Grasshopper - Virtual phone system for small business
Grasshopper is a virtual business phone system service providing company that allows its users to have a toll-free or local number and make their presence felt locally in an international market.

With Grasshopper, business users can easily receive calls on their mobile devices. Grasshopper’s list of features includes multiple extensions, call forwarding, voicemail-to-text and business texting using a toll-free or local number.

As a small business, are you aspiring to make a mark in the national and international market professionally? Grasshopper is your solution for a virtual phone system that provides its users with a varied range of business phone system features with its toll-free and local phone numbers. The best part is small business owners do not need to make any kind of investment in heavy and expensive hardware. It also provides 24/7 live support to its esteemed users.

Supportive platforms: Web-app, iOS, and Android

2. Salesmate

best virtual phone system for small business in 2019
Salesmate provides cloud-based virtual phone system that is bundled with smart sales CRM software. This virtual phone service provider allows its user base to get local and toll-free numbers of 80+ countries.

If as a business you are looking to solve your sales, communication and contact management woes and utilize the perks of a cloud-based virtual phone system then this is the tool for you. With Salesmate virtual phone system, small business owners can always stay in touch with their contacts via calls and text messages. Combine the power of CRM and a virtual phone system and increase the productivity of your small business with ease.

Just choose your local or toll-free number and assign it to your team members and have seamless communication with your contacts. Salesmate allows its users to forward calls to mobile devices, transfer calls on-the-go, record calls, take notes on-call and save all the communication details inside the CRM system for future reference.

Use Salesmate’s virtual business phone system for making and receiving important client calls with a single click. There is no need to make an investment in expensive telephone hardware as small business owners can use their existing mobile devices.

The plus side of using Salesmate CRM with its built-in virtual phone system is that the access to contact data is enabled on all the devices and to people that have permission to access them, making user data secure at all times.

Supportive platforms: Web-app, iOS, and Android

3. Vonage

vonage - voip based virtual phone system
Vonage is a VoIP based business virtual phone system that has been designed for catering its services to multiple industries. The system is affordable and user-friendly for small and mid-size businesses. Vonage enables small businesses to connect their VoIP phone number to their web app and even mobile devices. This helps them in establishing and maintaining seamless communication with their contacts.

Users can have multiple devices on a single extension with do not disturb setting and call recording. With admin portal users can review call recordings, set-up dialing restrictions, have complete employee call visibility and view the billing information.

Supportive platforms: Web-app, iOS, and Android

4. Freshsales

Freshsales - crm telephony
This cloud-based virtual phone system is part of a CRM package. As we discussed above, the CRM system allows business owners to have the luxury of creating, storing and managing their contacts seamlessly. Stop juggling between two individual software and utilize the built-in virtual phone system in lieu of CRM data.

Make calls directly from your dashboard, record the calls, take live notes and automatically save them.

Supportive platforms: Web-app, iOS, and Android

5. RingCentral

ringcentral - cloud based virtual phone system

RingCentral is a VoIP based business virtual phone system that provides small businesses with an instant 800 number.

RingCentral allows its customers to make and receive calls from any device, make calls with a single click, use custom greeting for welcoming callers, track all incoming and outgoing calls and log them in the system, and port any existing toll-free number. RingCentral provides internet fax to its users for no extra charge.

Supportive platforms: Web-app, iOS, and Android

6. Close - voip phone system
Close is a CRM software that has been developed by the salespeople for salespeople so that they can make more sales calls in an effective manner and close more deals.

This CRM platform provides built-in VoIP calling service to its users. The users can make and receive important business calls and take important notes while on-call without leaving the virtual phone system.

With its professional features, users can get an international phone number with unlimited calling, record the calls, get toll-free numbers, drop voicemail, transfer call on-the-go and generate reports of their calling activities.

Supportive platforms: Web-app and Android

7. CallHippo

callhippo - virtual phone system
CallHippo is an excellent choice as a business virtual phone system for small business users that want to define their sales and support processes directly via their business phone provider. This intelligent virtual phone system allows users to utilize cloud telephony with workflow automation. Such a feature allows small business owners to build customer support that delivers excellent customer experience and keeps the loyalty at an all-time high.

With CallHippo, small business owners can get virtual phone numbers of 50+ countries from around the world. Customers can choose from a variety of local and toll-free numbers and establish their business anywhere in the world without making an investment in opening international offices.

Supportive platforms: Web-app, iOS, and Android

8. Bitrix24

bitrix24 - virtual business phone system
Bitrix24 is the ultimate collaboration software that comes with all the tools that any small business requires for successful management of its process, collaboration within the team, and communication with the customers.

This CRM system comes with built-in cloud telephony that allows seamless internal and external communication to its users. Bitrix24 cloud-telephony enables small businesses to successfully make and receive calls to its contacts and save all the necessary communication details inside the CRM system for future reference. Bitrix24 aims at providing such an exceptional calling feature to its users that their customer support never fails to please its customer base and always delivers the best customer experience.

Users can make calls directly from the web app, record necessary details and save the same inside the CRM system without much manual labor.

Supportive platforms: Web-app, iOS, and Android

9. eVoice

evoice - virtual local phone system
eVoice is a VoIP based virtual phone system that has features such as voicemail, call forwarding and faxing services. eVoice allows audio conferencing for up to 95 participants via a toll-free or local number. Small businesses users can use eVoice for routing calls to their personal or business phone number so that they are always within the reach of their customers.

With certain plans, eVoice allows its users to use features such as call recording, procuring international numbers, outbound faxing and live receptionist.

Supportive platforms: Web-app, iOS, and Android

10. Nextiva

virtual phone system for small business
Nextiva is a virtual phone system that provides its services to small and mid-size businesses. It also provides its services to enterprises. Small businesses can easily register a toll-free 1800 numbers and establish their virtual business anywhere in the US without the expenditure on opening offices there.

Nextiva has an auto-attendant that plays automated greetings whenever a phone call is picked up. This auto attendant also guides the client with the right person or department, making the employees always within the reach of their customers. Nextiva enables unlimited business texts to its customers from a single platform. These texts can be sent to groups, teams, departments, and customers. Users can elect to have all their voicemails sent to their emails.

With call queuing feature, all the customers are kept on the line so that small businesses can provide the best customer service without any compromise.

Supportive platforms: Web-app, iOS, and Android

Wrapping it up

Every cloud-based virtual phone system provides more or less the same features to their clients. The actual difference is made by the way these systems are priced. We personally would suggest having sales tools such as CRM that provide built-in virtual phone system. The main advantage these systems provide to small and mid-size businesses is the combination of features. All these features allow the small business owners to manage their contacts, deals, and client communication inside a single system and under a single dashboard. With all the data centralized and over the cloud, there is no threat of loss of data due to any kind of human error. Having all the information available at your disposal within a few clicks helps small businesses scale their businesses quickly and have a better revenue cycle.

We hope this ultimate list of the best virtual phone system for small businesses in 2019 will come in handy while deciding which system is best for fulfilling your business requirements. Make the wise choice of adopting a bundled system at a great price so that you don’t compromise your budget but also streamline your business process.

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