Tips to Cut your Sales Team’s Stress and Boost Productivity

Tips to Cut your Sales Team’s Stress and Boost Productivity

It is challenging to nurture and convert a deal when the mind is clouded with stress. Unsupportive managers, arrogant team members, unrealistic sales targets and heavy workload, are some of the stress factors that negatively impact the sales performance.

  • According to a report by Statista, over 39% of respondents stated that their workload was the reason for their stress while approximately 31% of respondents stated that people issues were the reason.
  • Also reported within the same study was the 19% of respondents who stated that juggling their work and personal lives were the catalyst of their stress, while 6% stated that it was the lack of job security.

An overstressed sales rep can jeopardize the revenue growth of your company. To brainstorm new sales strategies and convince a prospect to sign a contract, your sales team need a calm and stress-free mind.

As the head of the sales team, it is your responsibility to create a healthy and high winning sales culture.  The more productive a sales rep is, the better he is at selling and cultivating a healthy relationship with the clients.

Wondering how to make the sales team more productive?

Fright not, the below points will help you in cutting your sales team’s stress and boost their productivity:

1. Keep the fire burning – Motivate your sales rep

Pressure always hovers over the mind of the sales reps which results in a performance drop. Your sales team needs a regular dose of motivation to meet and exceed their sales target. As a sales manager, you need to be aware of the right levers to push and pull for getting the most out of your sales reps.

  • Understand what motivates your sales team
  • Focus on the positives and point them out in a team meeting
  • Foster healthy competition within your sales team
  • Find out what you are doing that’s demotivating your sales team and work on it.

2. Prepare your sales warrior – Train your team

Stress increases when sales reps get stuck in the maze of a complicated sales process. They need direction by consistent training to shorten the sales cycle and increase their conversions. Even the experienced sales rep can fall into a slump, so keep sharing new techniques and tactics on a regular basis with your sales team. Continuous training gives 50% higher net sales per employee

  • Conduct mock call sessions to polish their selling skills
  • Host workshops on handling objections and negative feedback
  • Involve third parties and conduct sales seminars
  • Keep yourself abreast of changing sales trends and share the knowledge with your team


3. The power of technology – Use sales tools

Technology can not only make your work faster and easier but also reduce your stress levels. There are highly advanced sales tools in the market that helps in turning cold deals into qualified opportunities. Improve the performance of your sales reps by acquainting them with some of these best sales tools.

To help you below I have stated a few of the best-in-class sales tools:

  • Salesmate – An all-in-one sales solution that helps in managing the sales process, streamlining contacts, consolidating data, automating processes and monitoring sales activities to quickly nurture and close deals.
  • Basecamp – A project management tool that helps you in staying on top of all your assignments and tasks. Seamlessly collaborate on projects, track work progress and assign tasks to your team with this high-end tool.
  • Grammarly – A grammar checker that helps in drafting error-free sales emails and content for setting up a good impression on your prospects. It detects grammar and spelling mistakes to ensure that no wrong message or email reaches your esteemed clients.

4. Keep your sales team happy – Provide a better work environment

Negativity is contagious and stressful; change the way you treat your sales reps and focus on building a positive sales environment for success. Instead of micromanaging your sales reps, give them a little flexibility by providing ownership of a project or allowing them to work from home when needed. Bring your team together and enhance collaborative productivity.

  • Instead of taking separate breaks go together for coffee breaks so that the team members can interact and be comfortable with each other
  • Conduct team building activities or go for monthly outings
  • Cut down unnecessary meetings that consume your sales rep’s time

5. Check in with your team – Don’t ignore your sales reps

Apart from providing the training, you even need to interact with your sales reps regularly to keep a track on their progress. Schedule weekly or monthly meetings to solicit regular feedbacks and discuss the problems your sales reps are facing in closing a deal. Find out what’s bothering the underachievers and why aren’t they able to achieve their sales target.

  • Evaluate your sales rep’s performance using sales reporting tools and spot the areas of improvement
  • Share helpful tips and strategies for overcoming the sales challenges
  • Speak to the top performers to find out the sales strategies they are using to convert a prospect into a paying customer
  • Don’t be too harsh while speaking to an underperformer otherwise they won’t be comfortable in voicing their thoughts

6. Keep your sales team on track – Set smart goals

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible” – Tony Robbins

Push your sales reps to achieve the best by setting smart and achievable goals. Unrealistic expectations can sink your sales team; so, understand your team’s potential and accordingly set the sales goals. Define your goals and have a plan of action to achieve them

  • Ensure you set result-oriented goals
  • List the crucial benefits of achieving the goals
  • Make timely adjustments to the sales goals

7. Work on yourself – Improve your management skills

As a manager what you say and do can either inspire your sales reps or hinder their productivity. So, ensure you provide the proper support and focus on improving your management skills. By walking your talk, you can set a good example for your sales rep and gain their trust.

  • Be a good listener and maintain a healthy relationship with your sales reps
  • Research and read various articles on management written by experts in the industry
  • Find out your strengths and bolster them
  • Pay attention to details and avoid sloppy work practices

Final words

Sales reps deal with various kinds of clients and their grievances. They need to stay calm and focused on communicating effectively with a potential sales prospect. Any type of stress can affect the sales outcome. So, give your sales team the training, environment, and tools they require to succeed. Keep finding ways to encourage your sales team; offer rewards and incentives to boost their morale. Understand your sales rep’s need and provide the necessary guidance.

Like you, even Salesmate is interested in empowering sales reps, so it is smartly designed to address the various sales and business challenges. With Salesmate gain control over your sales and improve your sales team productivity with this top-notch sales tool. Try it for free to understand how it will be beneficial for your company. You can even get in touch with our team to know more about this feature-rich software.

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