A boy who had great interest in Equity Investment

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This is a story of a boy who often got poor grades during school time. But now, at the age of 20, he is handling the share market portfolio for his family and also, advising others about the same.
We will take you back to 2000’s when he was hardly three years of age. His father had entered the share market. He received excellent gains and was trading in total profit. But as we say “a king won’t be able to win all battles times play hard.” In 2004, he lost ten lacs in 6-8 minutes only. Like most of the people, he took a break from the share market after this incident.
But unlike others, he never left the enthusiasm and sheer interest towards the share market. Daily, he followed his interest in the newspapers, but he didn’t had the guts to step into it.
While growing up, Abhiskek didn’t take much interest in the share market. But after his tenth results were out, they weren’t enough to take up science. Thus, he studied commerce. This decision embarked his journey towards the stock market and making a career out of it. After he cleared his 12th standard, he had the fundamental and the necessary knowledge about the share market. His interest and willingness towards share market had grown significantly. It was his father’s detail, and as we mentioned earlier, he was always eager to talk about the share market and shared every aspect he knew of.
In the year 2015, Abhisek asked his father to re-enter the share market, and he agreed to it. It was his second innings and a debut for me. His father bought and sold stocks which he regularly monitored- all day long. After that, he read a lot of books on this, heard the conversations between the analysts on the TV.Soon, he started reading charts and fundamentals of the company with whose stocks they were involved with and others. As Abhisek was a commerce guy, he could quickly read a balance sheet.
Abhisek bought his first share in 2016. It was based on his research and knowledge on Graphite India, and he bought it at Rs. In about six months, it went up to Rs 540. He sold the share then and made a handsome amount of money. He took some money from his father and opened a Demat account in his name. Thus, he started trading on his own and made good gains over the time. He has interned with Motilal Oswal, and gained a lot of knowledge from them. Since then, he is handling his family’s portfolio. This is a brief story of how he entered into trading.

Here’s his understanding of a portfolio

He says, ‘that a portfolio should be divided in a balanced way. It is not recommended to put all your money in a single stock or sector. I would advise splitting your portfolio according to how much risk you can take.’
For example (for retail investors) if you have five lakhs to invest/trade in stock market divide it like-
a. 1.5 Lakhs in Mutual Funds
b. 2 lakhs trade or invest in share
c. 1 lakh in a fixed deposit
d. The remainder 50 thousand, keep it on hold for buying opportunity in the near future

His specific sector strength

His strength is entering into a share at the correct time and exiting it at the right time. Changing positions is my strength.

Here’s what he replied when we asked few questions


Are you a services advisory (retail or individual)?

Well, for now, I am not certified a wealth advisor. But, in 1 year, I will be getting my certificate.

What kind of hedging technique do you prefer to prevent fund deterioration?

It is quite simple. As I said above, dividing your portfolio, entering and exiting at the right time and change your positions timely and wisely.

What do you deal with commodity/equity?


How is your portfolio- more towards intraday, short term or long term?

I am not into intraday always. But sometimes I am. My portfolio is for short and long term.

The month of March is nearby, so you could also share some tips and tricks for the same?

Yes, I would like to-

1. Focus on a budget. As much as I know, the market will be depending on infrastructure and affordable housing, power, and Irrigation related. So it is advise to focus on these sectors.
2. I see Sensex at 45k and nifty at 15k to the end of the 2019 or mid-2020. So, I advise investing for one year for impressive gains. I would advise going against for intraday because you will get good gains in investment.
3. For new investors, I want to say don’t be in a rush to make money. Take your time, watch, read and learn about the market before you enter.

This is all about Battina Abhisek. Thank you!