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About the Company is India’s 1st tribute portal which helps us relive the lives of our ancestors and departed loved ones. Here one can upload, store, publish and share biography (24 languages), family tree, videos, photos, people can post condolence messages (24 languages) and also receive death and birth anniversary reminders via email and SMS.

How did you get inspired to start this unique venture and take the leap into entrepreneurship?

The idea came in fluke while having snacks as they were served on piece of newspaper obituary column page. We felt bit disturbed and these as it looked so insulting to see tribute pages being used to serve snacks. We thought “can’t these be presented in some more respectable and presentable manner which also stays forever and can be accessed globally and be remembered and shared?” these questions gave birth to The sole purpose was to maintain decorum of our ancestors.

Who is your greatest support while facing up hardships in business? How does he or she inspire you?

Family and friends have been the greatest support. Biographies of various leaders inspire me a lot. All of them have faced much greater adversities in life to achieve extra ordinary success.

What could we expect from the upcoming three other subscription plans which are planned to suit the diverse needs of customers?

We are coming up with international website which will be launched on a different domain as we believe is a regional term which attract only Indians, but since the need is global we will launch one international site soon which will have more languages more international payment options and rest of the features like biography, family tree, condolences, death and birth anniversary reminders, photos, videos will remain the same as

What kind of competition is observed from, and newspaper obituary columns?

Competition is actually good. They help us in growing together. In India there is big scope of such services and it will only do better for consumers.

Describe the experience of your first three customers

Well, we have seen people crying when we used to explain features and the need of the service. The introductory price was 2700/- and one of the customers felt its 27,000/- and he presented us the cheque worth 27k. Then we corrected and asked him to change which he could not believe to be true. His query was how can you offer so much at this price, your service is priceless. There are many such experiences which made us believe that this service has good future and is really needed for the people.

How it feels to get an award? Can you share your happiness after getting your name registered on Limca Book of Records?

It is always a great feeling when your efforts are recognized anywhere. It was a long trail of 60 plus emails as they wanted to know much more about the service they asked for all the information from the inception to revenue to customer details their emails, phones etc before awarding us the prestigious recognition.

What milestones and expansion plans the company is looking to achieve in the next five years?

We aim to come up with international site, affiliate/referral marketing, gift cards and also strategic tie ups with print media in near future.

What are your marketing strategies to approach the potential clients?

The service has grown organically and also through media coverage, we actively look forward to print media and publications which will actually boost the service and through various campaigns it can reach to larger audience.

Is the system completely automatic or it requires manual input from the company side?

No the system is completely automatic.

Does the clients find your services better than the traditional newspaper obituary columns?

Well, both have their own needs, when the death happens and if you wish people to know nothing is better than newspaper obituary but if you are paying tribute on 10th anniversary or 25th death/birth anniversary and wish to keep the memories alive and pass it on to the future generation through online tributes, we provide the best option due to the benefits it offers in terms of features and space.

What were the biggest initial hurdles while building your business and how did you overcome them?

Getting into masses and introducing this service has been the greatest challenges as non of the Indian had ever come across such service ever before. Online tribute / memorial / homage services are very new for the Indian consumers.

Who is the one entrepreneur to be your greatest example and inspiration?

Kunal Shah  founder and ex-CEO FreeCharge have inspired me several times. The other one I admire is Phanindra Sama co-founder & the CEO of redBus and Ashish Hemrajani, Founder-CEO, Bigtree Entertainment Pvt.Ltd./

Do you think that the company will ever need other investors?

Well investment is an ongoing process for business like these, since the service offers a great return on investment and caters to emotional needs of individuals and families, there is now a need to bring in investors on board to take it to next level.

How difficult is it to be the CEO and founder of India’s 1st tribute portal that at this young age?

No matter we started in fluke, but looking at the response we realized what we have been doing is good and we feel more responsible towards the service and to the consumers.

If you get a second chance to live your life from the beginning, would you opt the same profession or change it?

Well we are the one who love challenging the existing system, we love to do much more which can make the life of people more comfortable and easy, we will continue doing it in this life and yes surely if we get to live another, time will continue doing similar things.

Do you want to suggest any books to others for reading?

Some of my favorite books are:-

1 I too had a dream by Dr. Verghese Kurien

2. Hooked by Nir Eyal

3. Adding more to life by Bharat Parekh (Asia’s leading life insurance adviser)