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About the Company

Kutch Culture is a label for Art and Craft Brand. Under the label Kutch Culture we promote Kutch Art and Craftsmanship globally with technology medium. Handicrafts of Kutch is unique expression which represents Culture and community of Kutch through Artisans and Art. Our idea is to come up with Kutch Culture to give a global platform to Kutch and its art, where the idiosyncratic articles from the core of Kutch will deliver at any corner of the world.

What was the first moment when you thought to start a Business?

At first instant, I was really excited but internally I was very nervous. A bunch of thoughts about investments, online business knowledge, leaving the job, starting everything fresh, future planning and many more stuff was coming in my mind simultaneously.  But I was very firm with my decision to start the business and of course “where there is a will there is a way.” As I am born and brought up in Kutch-The art and craft place. I am surrounded by talented artists. The luxury of a well paid stable job couldn’t restrain my passion for connecting my roots so combining my IT and Art Skills I came up with the idea of Kutch Culture.

Every business has an up/down moment. Do you want to share anything special with us?

Which business doesn’t have ups & downs?  Yes, I am fully prepared for that but my focus is always to reach the top. The initial phase was very difficult. As I had to build up the platform from scratch, I faced many challenges but could overcome them with the help of my supportive friends and family. There is always a relief when someone’s behind you.

What is your core product or service?

Handicraft of Kutch is our core product. Kutch Culture is the brand for Art and Craft, under the label Kutch Culture we promote Kutch Art and Craftsmanship globally in terms of clothing, footwear, home decor, and accessories. We have varieties of handicraft such as Ajrakh Hand Block Print, Bandhni(Tie and Dye), Weaving, Hand Embroidery, Iron Copper Bell Art, Weaving, Mud work, Rogan Art , Leather Art and Lacquer Art. We provide eCommerce platform for our artists where their skills can be valued and they get global exposure. Also, Kutch Art can reach people at their doorstep.

What is the most exciting thing related to your business?

Our artist and their craft are the most exciting thing, the way they produce craft is amazing. As an engineer, I am able to feel and understand their art & its techniques which inspire me a lot. It is also encouraging when we receive appreciation and positive response from our customers all over the world about our products and services.

What is your Roadmap and Goal for upcoming years?

Our goal is to give global exposure to Kutch Art and Craft through Information technology. Once this art gets recognized the company’s growth will become inevitable.

Who is your mentor or role model?

My Uncle Mr. Rajesh Thacker is the one who inspired me to take this huge step, and who has also given his support and guidance to uplift the Kutch Culture as well my parents who have supported me mentally by putting their trust and confidence.

What is the definition of success for you? How do you see yourself?

For me, success is when you know someone is happy because of you and that is a wonderful feeling. Through Kutch Culture we spread happiness to our artists as well as our customers and make win-win situation for all our stakeholders. I take a step ahead on the path of success each time a customer is satisfied with our product. Also, I compare success with perfection. I feel success can’t be achieved fully & there is always a scope for perfection. This helps me to always look for better next, as I believe success is a journey and not a destination.

What are your views on competitors?

Competition is there, competitors are also strong, but we consider them as our Gurus by extracting their positive aspects. Customer satisfaction is our motto and I guess this is the reason why we are getting popular in the market. In fact this competition encourages me & my team to present a better product every time.

The biggest risk you have ever taken?

The biggest feeling of risk for me was to leave my lucrative job of Business Analyst in an IT company and start everything from fresh single handedly. However, I was never discouraged because of my supportive surroundings and finally this risk leads me to live my passion of exploring Art, Fashion and Technology.”

Have you ever done anything unethical?

I do not believe in going for unethical way, hence has not done anything against the law. Even I am a customer & I know trust is the base for dealer-customer relationship. Customer never knocks your door again after getting betrayed.

Do you want to suggest any books to others for reading?

I would like to suggest

i) Alchemist– to achieve what we dream

ii) Who moved my Cheese – do not get devastated if you don’t get it

iii) Connecting the dots – because now or later u will get it