Girls! Share your health worries in ears of “OOWomania”

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About the Company

OoWomaniya is an online consultation platform for women’s health and wellness. Women can have online consultation with doctors, counselors and other health experts at as low as 49 Rupees. We have 400+ doctors and experts to answer the queries of users. We work with corporate companies where we do education workshops and events.

What was the first moment when you thought to start a Business?

When I was 20. I could communicate well, I could sell a product and I could manage people. On top of that I had my own ideas that how a company or business could run.

Every business has a up/down moment. Do you want to share anything special with us?

I have seen bad but not-so-bad times in business. In my current venture, we almost lost all the money which we had raised as an investment and we had hardly any direction. We put ourselves together and built a sustaining business which is growing slowly.

 What is your core product or service?

We sell online consultations and services related to women’s health and wellness.

What is the most exciting thing related with your business?

That it solves women’s health issues, easily and affordably.

What is your road map and Goal for upcoming years?

We want to become a one-stop solution and unified brand in women’s health and wellness.

Who is your mentor or role model?

Role Model – Gandhiji

What is the definition of success for you? How do you see yourself?

Success is when you solve a sizable problem and create an impact solution which is also self-sustainable.

Biggest risk you have ever taken?

Stopped earning for 2 years.

Have you ever done anything unethical?

Everyone does something unethical knowingly or unknowingly, as far as I know I don’t remember anything as such. But may be.

What do you think about your company culture?

It is open, flexible and progressive. But we still need to make it more engaging.

Do you want to suggest any books to others for reading?

I have never read a single book.