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About the Company

CloudTechy is a comprehensive consulting firm which offers its agile, unique and highly adaptive Salesforce services coupled with the associated programs, which aims to harmonize with the simplified and complex business environments smoothly. These advanced and unique Salesforce solutions (applications) are promising to augment your dimensions and assist in the vital transformation process that is indeed very crucial for your organization to emerge in the market as a competitive player.

What was the first moment when you thought to start a Business?

Reading Seth Godin and Tim Ferris during MBA days had inspired me a lot to start something on my own.

Every business has an up/down moment. Do you want to share anything special with us?

That day was special for me when I had made the same money in less than a month in business which was my yearly package when I was working as an employee.

What is your core product or service?

As of now, 70% of the revenue comes from salesforce consulting service to USA based clients. I am also engaged in a couple of marketing assignments as a consultant.

What is the most exciting thing related to your business?

Each day there is an opportunity to lead. There are interesting and challenging problems to solve.

What is your Roadmap and Goal for upcoming years?

Acquiring more customers and growing slowly and steadily.

Who is your mentor or role model?

Seth Godin, Leo Babauta

What is the definition of success for you? How do you see yourself?

Living a happy life is the success for me. And as per this definition, I am fairly successful.

What are your views on competitors?

Healthy competition always helps us in improving ourselves.

The biggest risk you have ever taken?

Starting business itself was a risk.

Have you ever done anything unethical?


What do you think about your company culture?

1) It is flexible, transparent and gives freedom to the team members.

2) We believe in employee first policy. We haven’t hesitated to fire unreasonable customers in the past.

Do you want to suggest any books to others for reading?

All these five books are worth reading. Start with ‘rework’

Any other suggestions or tips?

1) Don’t over think. Just do it.

2) Entrepreneurship isn’t as glamorous as it looks.