My Office Cab – Brilliant solution to pollution and traffic

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About the Company

myofficecab  started with a grand vision to help reduce traffic and pollution in cities. We looked at the traffic pattern and narrowed down to one major common pattern i.e. when people are going to work or coming back is when major traffic jam happens. And pollution coming out of vehicles was the single biggest source of pollution across the world.

Part of the project, we started aggregating environment friendly vehicles and started pooling employees together when going to office or back home. So far there are 40+ companies which has used our platform month-over-month to pool employees together for helping reduce traffic and pollution by them travelling in environment friendly vehicles. This has helped reduce 100+ million grams of CO2 emission so far compared to same travel happening through the traditional diesel vehicles.

What was the first moment when you thought to start a Business?

While crossing Silk Board junction in Bangalore and looking around so many people traveling along in their vehicle.

Every business has a up/down moment. Do you want to share anything special with us?

Managing the ups itself is not easy, we had payment delays from some of our customer organization which brought in working capital crunch – the pressure of managing that time we will never forget!

What is your core product or service?

A technology platform with GPS device along with Panic Button on the vehicles we aggregate brings in efficiency of travel. We are able to do effective routing due to this platform. This is contributing in reducing traffic on the roads for all of us.

What is the most exciting thing related with your business?

We aggregate environment friendly vehicles, this has helped us reduce 110+ million grams of CO2 emission so far.

What is your Roadmap and Goal for upcoming years?

Our growth plans are aggressive, we have grown 100X within 7 quarters, from the first quarter we started our services and we will continue to grow at the same pace.

Who is your mentor or role model?

Our customers are our mentor, best lessons come from them!

What is the definition of success for you? How do you see yourself?

If we can bring the retro era back in context of traffic on the road at that time would be success for us. More employees leaving their personal vehicles for daily office commute and adopting shared economy transportation providers like us which runs on environment friendly vehicles to help reduce both traffic and pollution.

What are your views on competitors?

Competition is always good, we have seen big B2C cab operators getting into the space of green transportation and also employee transportation reinforces that we are in the right space and doing the right thing.

Biggest risk you have ever taken?

Doing a start-up which is going to help reduce pollution

Have you ever done anything unethical?

Whenever there was an unethical ask, we said no to it and moved on.

What do you think about your company culture?

Its an interesting mix of a war zone with a smile on everybody’s face.

Do you want to suggest any books to others for reading?

Read your school/college books well, they help a lot in the long run 🙂

Any other suggestions or tips?

Pursue your dreams with an plan of execution.