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An intelligent business CRM that helps businesses to streamline their sales process and contact information. A seamless software that helps its users to flawlessly create deals and contacts, add reminders, and save more sales time using intuitive integrations.

This smart sales software notifies the sales team whenever there has been a lapse in following up with the prospects hence making sure that no leads go unattended. Users can make effective use of the workflow automation for managing their business data, this helps sales representatives to engage more with potential customers.

Sales Management
Being a sales CRM, Salesmate offers full visibility of your entire sales process. The simple drag-and-drop navigation feature comes in handy while moving the deals in the sales stages.

This smart CRM helps you with

  • easy prospect follow ups
  • analyze wins and losses
  • identify any bottlenecks that are slowing down your sales process.

This complete sales system also delivers a power pack performance with its mobile apps also. With Salesmate mobile app, users can easily track various deals, create reminders, fix client meetings, use the geolocation feature to fetch the location details of the contacts near the sales representative’s vicinity.
Email Tracking
The smart email tracking feature helps the sales representatives to see which contact has opened their email. This feature helps them to segregate the contacts allowing them to prioritize the prospect so that sales reps do not chase the wrong deals.

Salesmate allows users to

  • send bulk emails with personalized templates
  • schedule and sync the emails with their calendars and
  • add the conversation into the timeline related to the contacts

Workflow Automation
There are various basic yet important tasks that Sales representatives must carry out in their daily sales process. With Salesmate’s workflow automation users can easily automate these tasks and make their day more productive.

E.g. When the representatives add contacts into the system database, a welcome email is automatically sent to them. Using the workflow automation users can also assign follow-up calls to the sales representative.
Sales Goal Tracking
Salesmate uses its intelligent predictive algorithm for providing useful insight of your entire sales cycle. This actionable data collected inside the system that helps users in taking well informed decisions pertaining to their sales process.

Salesmate CRM system helps you in forecasting your next steps based on the 360-degree view of the customer behavior. The email tracking features helps prepare the marketing campaigns and email content more appealing for better open rate.
Integrations and Customization
While using Salesmate CRM, the user can customize the whole look and feel of the system. Salesmate is also flawlessly integrated with Google apps and other applications that facilitate users to be in total control of their daily activities. Users can edit the column, the form layout and even the deal stages depending on the industry preferences.
Enhanced Reporting
Users can build custom reports for every contact, deal, or opportunity with Salesmate CRM. Salesmate CRM helps users to seamlessly manage all the data that is stored inside it.

Users can generate various reports at any point of time. With various other reports users can keep a tab on the conversion rate of the sales reps, hence helping businesses to address any setback the reps may be encountering.

Salesmate provides the analytics of the email templates, this helps users understand the psyche of the prospects and the customers.

Activity insight is another such reporting tool that helps in measuring the time taken by sales reps in completing a given task.

With the full pipeline view in the dashboard, users get live report regarding the status of the lead and their current stage.

More than 1500 small businesses use Salesmate CRM to grow their top line

Billed Annually

  • Unlimited users
  • All sales and CRM features
  • Two-way email & phone integrations
  • Mobile apps and Gmail extension
  • Phone, live chat and email support

Billed Monthly

  • Unlimited users
  • All sales and CRM features
  • Two-way email & phone integrations
  • Mobile apps and Gmail extension
  • Phone, live chat and email support

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I have an ERP do I still need a CRM?

ERP and CRM systems use separate approaches to increase profit. ERP helps businesses reduce the capital spending of the businesses, CRM helps increase profits by doing more sales. CRM helps you keeping all the data related to your customers at one place and works towards building the brand loyalty.

What are the Sales Force Automation (SFA) capabilities of your CRM?

We understand the need of our users. Sales process are lengthy and take most of the selling time of the sales reps average working day.

As a sales automation tool, Salesmate allows the users to take the maximum advantage of our workflows that can automate various daily tasks for better productivity.
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Can I import data from excel to your CRM?

Yes, our system makes it seamless for its users to import data in .csv and .xls files.

Can I synchronize my Google Contacts in Salesmate?

Salesmate currently does not offer Google Contact Sync to avoid data redundancy as in case of an organization one single contact can exist in the database of more than one individual.
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How customizable is your software?

As a CRM vendor, our main motive is to make our system user friendly. Salesmate is a highly customizable CRM system. You can customize the sales pipeline, play around with the way you want your dashboard to reflect your entire sales process. For businesses that have different departments, we allow the users to create and customize their pipeline as per their requirements.
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