Simplify Your Sales Process for Better Sales with these Sales Tools

Simplify Your Sales Process for Better Sales with these Sales Tools

Q: How much time should the average sales personnel spend on his daily sales activities?

A: Bare minimum with the maximum outcome!

Q: How much time are they spending right now?

A: A lot of it with unsatisfactory results!

Sales reps work against the clock for closing those business-critical deals! They feel exhausted by the routine and manual labor required for noting down every sales activity detail they do. What if we tell you that there is a solution to your sales process blues?

Yes, there is a solution which automatically tracks all your sales activities and automates all your sales processes so that you and your sales team can focus more on the sales part; achieve those sales goals seamlessly!

The solution is “simplification”. Yes, to achieve the full potential of your sales process, you must simplify it for getting better sales results. So, let’s get down to business and start the sales process simplification. But before we do that, let’s have a look at the common struggles of every sales process.

An Overworked and Stressed Sales Team

  • Working in a selling environment means you are constantly on your feet for achieving those desired sales results.
  • Hitting your number becomes the law of survival because if you are not achieving your sales targets efficiently then you are not contributing towards the company’s revenue generation.
  • We cannot say that you can remove the pressure completely out of the system because this pressure keeps the best performers on the hunt for new leads.
  • Ambitious targets and the race of achieving the set sales quotas are going to be part of your sales life.
  • However, a simplified sales process can ease the pressure and stop it from turning into work stress. Yes, the same work that you love doing!

Sales is a tough process and it exhausts sales professional. Due to this, stressed out sales professionals often feel the burden of something that was not there previously. Such a situation leads to overall burnout of your otherwise productive sales team.

Haphazard Sales Strategy Execution

Your team will ignore strategies and sales situations they don’t fully understand and believe in.

  • The modern business era has seen the fusion between business logic and technology for creating a seamless and working sales environment that makes the sales reps job efficient.
  • All you need to do is search and adopt a sales CRM software that is developed to synchronize not just with your sales strategies but with your entire sales team.
  • Various sales vendors have launched intuitive and smart sales CRMs with millions of feature combinations and customizations.
  • These sales intelligence software are built to help you analyze endless streams of data and also help your sales reps provide undivided attention to important deals so that they can hit the sales quota.

Scattered Focus

Don’t allow data entry and peer pressure to force your focus away from closing the next critical sales deals.

  • Every selling-based organization would love to see the maximum number of deals in their sales pipeline.
  • Results are the main focus of your daily work life and everybody know that the moolah runs the business.
  • Management often runs behind the most effective sales process, because of the perception that it will help them in driving the maximum number of leads.
  • The truth is, an effective sales process will only prioritize the sales activities so that they can get completed at the given time.
  • Sales reps must keep their focus on the hot leads and start filtering the leads that have gone cold and they need to do this fast because that will lead to better sales results.
  • A simplified sales process will allow your sales reps to focus on the right sales activity at the right time for successful closures.

An Activity-based Sales Helps in Sales Process Simplification

“One of the fastest and best ways to separate yourself from the masses is to establish yourself as someone who makes situations better, not worse.” – Grant Cardone

  • With the right sales activity tracking software, you will be more focused on the crucial activities without compiling any unnecessary pressure on your sales team.
  • When you have all your activities lined up in a clean and understandable format, it becomes easier for you and your sales team in prioritizing them.
  • Sales activities are a critical part of every salesperson’s life and this fact is not hidden from the sales community.
  • Activity-based selling approach prods you to trust your actions because they are backed by the insights your CRM solution has pulled for you based on the prospects interactions with you.
  • Results will automatically show if and only if you complete the right sales activities at the right time.
  • It is of utmost importance for making your sales process easier and free from any unnecessary manual labor; you can achieve this by simplifying your sales process as it will help your sales reps focus on the high priority tasks.


If you choose the right sales tool for simplifying your sales process then you will be helping out your sales reps in balancing their sales time between

  • prospecting
  • lead nurturing
  • closing
  • upselling


Benefits of Having Activity-Based Selling Process

Before telling you about the benefits of activity-based selling process we would like to discuss some things with you.

  • First of all, take a moment from your schedule and anticipate the present sales process.
  • Are you aware of the time being spent by your sales reps and doing which sales activity?
  • Are you able to accurately scale their performance with specified metrics?
  • Are you aware of the key metrics required for measuring their performance?


Activity-based selling provides clarity to sales managers on the aforementioned points as it:

  • simplifies their sales process
  • helps them focus on the crucial KPIs and data sets
  • guides them through each pipeline stage and optimizes success


Ignore the unnecessary reporting and infuse core KPIs for your sales success with these metrics:

  • number of deals in your sales pipeline
  • average deal value
  • the average percentage of deal closure
  • average time taken for deal closure


With a simplified yet well-structured sales process, you can say goodbye to the concept of dead leads. Analyzing your past customers is the key. With insightful reports of customer behavior, you will easily understand develop the traits of an ideal customer.

Filter these insights using the CRM software and derive structured lead qualification pattern that takes place in various stages of your sales pipeline. This way your sales team will spend minimum time on the leads that are not worth chasing and precious sales hour will get saved.

9 tools that can ease up your sales process and benefit your sales team

As we discussed at the beginning of this article, technology, infused with your business logic can help you build a simplified and efficient sales process; increasing your revenue!

1. Salesmate Sales CRM


Salesmate CRM

Salesmate is a sales CRM developed for assisting SMBs in successfully converting their leads into customers. Simple and easy-to-use with personalization options that suit every sales team, Salesmate enables you to boost your sales process.

Sales teams can easily manage their sales pipeline efficiently. Seamless lead capture with workflow automation helps your sales team engage with potential customers at the perfect time.

2. Google Drive


Google Drive

Google drive is the answer to all your sales blues. It is paperless, stores your data in the cloud with a high level of security and the best part is that you can access your files from any place.

Google Drive is a great sales tool for small and mid-size business owners. If you are looking to create your prospect data repository at a lower cost and without the fear of losing any crucial data then Google Drive is your answer.

Do you want to create your small, on the go office which has multiple uses? Google Drive is the sales tool that will provide you with various apps and will make that will make your sales process simple yet efficient.

3. MailChimp



Mailchimp is used by businesses for successfully executing their marketing email campaigns. Mailchimp’s flexible subscription plans suit the budget of the business of every shape and size. Execute your sales email campaign with MailChimp in a strategically planned manner using attractive templates that can be saved for reuse. Analyze your sales email performance and plan out your next campaign with an increased chance of success.

4. Basecamp



Basecamp is a collaboration plus project/team management tool for medium-sized sales and marketing teams. Individual message boards for projects and their status update, chat feature to communicate with the team members over a certain project, a to-do list that helps you remember what’s on your plate every morning with a detailed email, document storage and sharing allows your sales process to be through and simplified for better success.

5. Slack



Slack is a communication platform that comes with a built-in dashboard, team management center, and task manager.

Create channels, assign the channels to designated individuals maintaining privacy and security. Collaborate with managers across other departments while working on inter-department tasks.

Create individual channels for sales, marketing, and support teams and stay on the same page regarding prospects, deals and other sales related activities that directly affect your business

6. Wufoo



Wufoo is an online form builder and provides every sales and marketing person with various tools that help them in creating online forms with an intuitive drag and drop interface.

Users can build customizable and beautiful forms on the web add logo or select something from the apps’ professionally-designed color palette. You can build smart forms using advanced logic for performing specific actions.

7. GoToMeeting



GoToMeeting is the number one choice for business who want a solution for their video and web conferencing needs. This powerful sales tool is robust yet affordable allowing users to include simplicity in their sales process.

GoToMeeting enables users to have multi-national toll-free numbers and is the perfect platform for conferencing with international team members. High-level pin enabled security for joining any video or web conference makes it stand out of the competition.

8. Stripe



Stripe, an online payment processing software, is developed for online businesses for managing transactions. Stripe’s cloud-based infrastructure allows guaranteed scalability with stringent security measures that remove any complexity that arises with online financial operations platform. It supports your business model to seamlessly integrate with financial institutions, banks, payment networks, and consumer wallets.

9. Slidebean



Slidebean is a sales tool that allows presenters to create professional-looking slides from a variety of design templates, selection of premium fonts and high-end color palettes. It also keeps in mind the overall design pattern of your entire presentation.

With an easy-to-use interface, presenters just need to enter their content, Slidebean takes care of the rest allowing the users to create impressive slides. Slidebean is suitable for small-medium businesses where the budget is really thin for hiring an experienced and expensive designing team. Slidebean offers various features that allow its users to create professional presentations without much effort.