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About the Company

Mihir Shah is Founder and CEO of Yatharth Group , a group specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. Mihir’s goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined.

In present marketplace you need to have aggression to achieve your goal and hunger for success. Sales is the key part for any company and its growth. YMS will help you to improve your sales performances by making your idea a great success and be more effective in all part of your life professional as well personal.

Share the first moment when you thought to start your own venture in Marketing and sales consulting field?

I love doing sales since I was a teenager. So I was quite sure that I am going exceel my carier in sales only and will select it as my profession. This idea came into my mind in mid-March 2012 when we were facing difficulties to find out proper sales executive for one of the company where I was working. We had spent almost 6 months, but we were not able to get the right person with appropriate sales skills. This inspired me that I should open a firm which helps people to get trained on ‘Sales Skills’ and improve their compatibility. Companies want to spend amount to hunt for the right sales resources who can help them in achieving their business objectives. This made a platform for us to capitalize on the need of corporate and individuals.

What kind of experience you carry in the field of sales and marketing?

I am having 8 years of experience in the areas of Marketing, Business Development,Sales Training, Client Servicing and Team Management for International and domestic market.

What are the challenges generally companies are facing in sales and marketing in the current era?

There are 8 major challenges:
1. Unclear vision of top management
2. Lack of skilled resources
3. Time management
4. Motivation
5. Uncertainty of Sales Revenues
6. Business development knowledge
7. Implementing the idea and make it reality
8. Balancing personal and professional life

What are the core values of Yatharth Marketing Solutions?

We work on just 8 core values and focus only on them nothing more than that:
1. Client based personalized training program.
2. Focus on quality not quantity.
3. Never Give-up.
4. Help people to grow their business and balance personal life.
5. Company will grow only if its employees are growing.
6. Make world better place to live.
7. Each employee is at same level.
8. Ideas should be implemented.

How are Yatharth Marketing solutions’ USPs differentiate it from the competitors?

There are four major factors which keep us ahead than other competitors:
1. Personalized approach: Each person will get training and consultation based on his/her requirements and present skill set. We always design our services after understanding clients’ current situation and what they need to move to next level. As we strongly believe that each person has his/her unique needs which can’t be addressed from the predefined model.
2. On time delivery: Any solution or idea is of worth if you have provided it at the exact time.
3. Exposure to international and domestic market: As we are in this industry since last 8 years and had worked with 500+ corporate, which had given us huge exposure to understand the market and its requirement.
4. Learning attitude: We always believe that when better is possible, good is not enough. Due to this mentality, we always want to implement new things without any fear and deliver results to our clients.

Who are Yatharth Marketing Solutions’ targeted clients and focus geographies?

Any person who wants to improve their life is our client from any corner of the world. We are always happy to help them in implementing their idea and make it successful business & improve life.We are right now working with both individual people who want to improve their selling skills, personal life or become an entrepreneur. At the same time, we also have corporate clients to whom we provide both training and consultation on all part of business operations to help them achieve their business objectives. At present we have clients from India, USA, UAE, Bahrain, UK, China, Japan, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Fiji & Kuwait.

Typically which among the four service get maximum clients’ demand?

Sales consulting is on top of the demand

Majorly, what is the nature of your service? Project basis or retainer basis?

It is always combination of both in training its like project based and in consulting its retainer based.

Would you like to share any recent client’s success stories?

There are many clients whom we have helped to achieve their business objectives and made their venture a successful business. But to talk about one it’s quite hard when each client gets success and is positive about your services, it becomes a success story for yourself. Still to share then best and most difficult assignment which we came across in recent time was ‘MyPrintCloud’ which is one of the leading software providers from the UK. They contacted us in 2016 with their problem of sales as
(i) they were not able to close deals
(ii) the second issue was creating a stable client base and
(iii) the third issue was to stabilize their business processes.
They had hired us as their official sales consultants and business adviser in 2016. When I first interacted with their clients and employees all of them were negative about product and management’s policies. Employees were not having confidence in management as well product and client were unsatisfied due to lack of after-sales support. With our unique approach and strategies within a years time, we have made things stable.
Clients are happy now with product and services, employees are feeling more and more confident about product and management. The company which was about to close their operation before and the year are now about to launch their second product in the market to address increasing client base needs.

What milestones the company is looking to achieve in the next five years?

We just want to reach 10,000 people in next 5 years and help them in achieving their business and personal life objectives.

What’s the company’s expansion plan for the next five years?

We have two major plans, as we always believe that instead of keeping 20-30 different things just keep the 2-3 most important thing on which you can give 100% attention:
1. Open office in GCC region
2. Increase download ratio of our mobile app so that we can give more personalized services to each user.

What are your marketing strategies to approach the potential clients?

At present we are focusing on 4 things :
1. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization
2. YouTube Videos
3. Mobile app Marketing
4. Referrals from existing clients

What aspects does Yatharth Marketing Solutions cover in all of the four services?

We cover all aspect of professional life and personal life, starting from Vision, mission, goal setting to people skills everything which will make your business and you successful.

What kind of model you use to handle your consultancy service, point to point, hub and spoke model or any other?

We use Point to point model to handle our consultancy services

Would you like to suggest any books to our readers?

I would recommend three best books:
1. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
2. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
3. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

If you had one piece of advice for someone who is just starting the business as yours, what would that advice be?

Successfully running an enterprise is not all about depending on gut reaction, instinct, favor or luck. It is mostly about finding opportunity, capitalize on them, careful calculation, reflection from past, realistic analyses, and practical strategy development—something that a management consultancy & experience company can guide you with. Without expert advice you will never be able to grow. You need to hear, understand and learn from the expert and put right decisions under their observation.